Monday, February 2, 2009

A give away in the near future!

Lu did an "interview" on her blog not to long ago. She is a strong advocate for RR. One of the questions she asked me was about my background on Patrick's blog. She's the one that designed my blog, but wanted to bring awareness as to why that background was chosen. I wanted to give my readers a chance to know why as well. Here is an outtake from her bloggy interview:

One more question... the blog design and button have a very Asian feel to them. I know about the canvas' your niece made but I'd love for you to tell the story here!

For Christmas, my husband and I wanted to give our oldest son a really special room just for him. He is half Laotian, and loves hearing about his ancestry. He is drawn to all things Asian in style. After talking about it, we decided we would go with an Asian themed room for him and we picked out our color palette and asked my nephew to make a platform bed. He was thrilled to do it for us, and my niece wanted to help out as well. We talked about it, and decided she would do the artwork for the room. After thinking of which words would be most inspirational to him, I looked online to find the Chinese script for the words. She was able to duplicate them beautifully onto canvases for his room. I liked the idea of using this background for Patrick. I know Patrick is European, not Asian, but it is a way for everyone to see the diversity in our already blended family, and a way to recognize every one's heritage. As Patrick gets older, we will also celebrate his European heritage as well. But, for now, his big brother wants to be a part of his life, so we are using his room art for Patrick's background.

So, for those of you who like the canvas art that my niece did, stay tuned. She has offered her talents to Patrick's fundraiser. In the near future, she will do a painting, and it will be given at random to one of Patrick's donors. Stay tuned for more info on this!!!

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