Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Progress update

We went this morning and finally applied for our passports. They should be in our hands in less than 3 weeks! Yesterday, our medical forms were completed, correctly! We are so close to being done with this section of paper work. Our HS is Friday morning. Things are really starting to come together!

Monday I had the privilege of having lunch with Amy . She lives very close to us. It is so nice having people near by that I can compare notes with and talk to about what is going on. I look forward to getting together with her again. Hopefully our boys will be lifelong friends when they get home (we happen to also have 3 children all the same age, so everyone gets a playmate!).


  1. Progress is progress! Glad to read that estimate 3 weeks for you passport. We have yet to apply for those for our two children that are going with us and I was hoping it woiuld take that long.

  2. Passports = Progress! :) Another step out of the way. We still have this to do as well. Is your HS this Friday? If so, ours is 4 days after yours.

    Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila

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  4. Ok, I will try to answer again...yes, our HS is this Friday. Our 2nd and final meeting with her will be in our home next week. Then, we wait for USCIS approval!!

    Good luck next Tuesday, I'm anxious to get this step over with.

  5. I am not sure how I missed that Vlad is being adopted, but I have to say that my husband and I are THRILLED. We adopted our son, Tate, in December. He and Vlad were in the same home group. He is a very sweet and affectionate little guy. I have several pictures and videos if you would like for me to send them to you.

    (Tate's mommy)

    email me...