Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yesterday I got an e-mail from my state-side representative. This is a big step to me, as she is the person who will assist me in completing my dossier and will see everything and make sure it is accurate before I submit it to Patrick's country. After e-mailing with her, I received an e-mail from my facilitator. I have officially "spoken" with him and he is in Patrick's country, he is the person I will work with side by side once we are in country. This might sound silly to some of you, but this was the most exciting e-mail yet. Do you realize he has met Patrick multiple times!!! He KNOWS him, knows more about him then almost anyone. To me, this means we are moving forward. We are getting closer. I will keep you updated as things start happening.

Here is what is happening now:
We submitted to USCIS this week
We are awaiting the arrival of our passports
Final Home Study is this Tuesday
Working on and almost done with our dossier
Need to raise just $9000 to go get my boy!!!

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