Sunday, February 22, 2009


Seeing the pictures of Patrick this week has really been great. It sure does make it hard to wait for our turn to go and get him though. Seeing him play and laugh makes him more real, it gives him personality. I want to hold him in my arms so much!

This morning, we were on our way to church, and Steven said "I wish it was summer already". I asked why. He said, "because when it's summer, you are going to go bring Patrick home from ______ and I will have a new brother. I really can't wait to have a new brother". Me: "I know, buddy, me too!!"

We are all waiting not so patiently for Patrick to join our home. To us he is already a part of our hearts and family.

I want to encourage all of you, again, to dig deep and help us bring our baby home. Our garage sale donations keep rolling in, and I hope this will help raise a lot of money. In the mean time, those of you with tax returns, please think about donating a portion of those through our support page (found by clicking on the button in the ride sidebar) and use it as a deduction next year!


  1. Thanks for giving me your blog address. I like the name Patrick. His face looks chunkier than in the pictures I saw before. I know Kris adopted from there and I can't think who else but they seem well-fed.

  2. Patrick is adorable! Can't wait till you are on your way to bring him home. What a blessing to get all those sweet pictures. I'm jealous:( Waiting is so hard!