Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The best present EVER!

We have a weekly chat online every week. It is a chat for adoptive parents of Eastern Europe that are using Reeces Rainbow . Last night one of the parents hadn't been on there before. She just returned 4 months ago with her son. When she was there last April, she got to meet my Patrick (Vlad to her). She got to hold him and took lots of pictures of him. She sent them to me last night. I love how chunky he is! I love his sweet little smile. I just had to share this wonderful gift I get. It isn't often that we are privileged enough to get more than one photo of our kids. Some are very old photos that people get, so I am truly blessed to have so many recent photos! Thank you Mandy. i didn't get her blog address to link to, but she knows who she is, and knows what a great gift this was for our family!


  1. Oh, isn't he CUTE!! What a blessing to get new pictures!!

  2. He is just adorable! What a gift to have new pictures! Love, Paula

  3. He is so precious, Lyndi!