Thursday, July 2, 2009

Todays visit

Patrick was sweet and cuddly when I got there today. They took him in for his morning snack and he returned as "crazy kid". Heehee! He was really testing me today to see if I would be able to control him without papa around. I did, it wore me out, but he knows mama is just as tough as papa now. It's hard to set boundaries when you are always being watched, and you really have no clue what these people think of you or what they are saying half the time. We play outside, the weather has been nice and hot, and inside has no air, so outside is better! However, they have this belief that if you sit on the ground you will get sick. Have you ever tried playing with a 5 year old and only sitting on a bench? I sit on the floor at home, outside, at the airport, you name it, I sit on the ground everywhere! This is really hard for me, because they don't want me on the ground either! I tried sitting on the ground and letting him sit on my lap, and they come running with there hands flying like I have done the unforgiveable. It's kinda funny actually, but also so annoying! I'm still enjoying my time with Patrick and getting to know him and all his quirks. He is quite the little character and I think he and the other kids will get along just fine!

I will post more pictures later, I know I am behin dwith pics of both Patrick and Kiev, but the upload time takes forever and I never have that much time! Maybe tomorrow?

Anyway, all is well here, as well as it can be anyways...will update more tomorrow. I'm off to bed!


  1. That is funny! I am on the floor a lot too. Hey, that's where kids are most of the time.:) I'm glad you had a good visit. His brothers and sisters are just going to love him, he sounds like a bundle of energy!:)

  2. Glad you had a nice visit, despite the cultural craziness!

  3. I had heard, while we were there, that if you sit on anything cold you'll be sterile. Try getting around THAT one in -20 degrees?? LOL Glad you're enjoying your visits with him :) And thanks for being in touch with Boston, I was able to talk with her a bit today!

  4. I remember this sort of thinking used to be prevalent in this country, that sitting on the ground would make you sick. Also that eating paper would give you worms.... and if you wore shorts in the winter to school you were sent home, but it was ok to wear a skirt (same length) go figure, LOL...