Friday, July 17, 2009

Today was a very good visit

I got to the orphanage this morning, and the children were in the yard playing. Usually they are on the porch when I get there, which is walled in with a gate, so Patrick has to wait for me to get to him. Well, today I got to experience him running with his arms out to me! Wow, that does a momma's heart good. He ran right into my arms with the biggest smile and an even bigger hug for me. Man I love that little dude! We played with his groupa today instead of on our own. This was nice, cause I get to see how he is with the other kids and he enjoys showing off for me. His caregiver today (who just happens to be my favorite one!) sat them all down on a blanket and started singing children's songs with finger plays. It was so sweet. I have seen her do this with him before, because she was showing me how smart he was, but today I got to see her do about 30 minutes of songs and he did the motions for all of them and even "sang along". I have no clue what the songs were or even what most of them were about, but he did, and he LOVED it. I got video of him, he was all smiles. Another little girl got in my lap and was showing me how to do the motions, he thought that was great that momma was playing along too. He's okay with this one little girl sitting in my lap, but when she got down and another child tried to get in my lap, he jumped up and pushed them away and said "momma" and glared at them. I have to admit, I chuckled. He didn't want to share me, but he will let me hold this one little girl. I would bring her home in a heart beat. Her and Kylie would get along so well, but she is not adoptable.

So, after my visit, I met up with JoAnn for lunch at our buffet (we've claimed it as ours since we eat there so's filling and cheap!). We then decided we should get some groceries since we are both getting our kis on Monday. Yes, you heard me, I am brining Patrick to the apartment on Monday!! I am so excited. To be honest, the only I am nervous about is cooking for him. Those of you that know me understand this better than those of you who only cyber-know me. JoAnn is going to help me make a chicken soup/ stew that i am hoping lasts a couple of days. I also bought him oatmeal and fruit and snacks. Sunday I will go back for yogurt, milk, bread and cookies. I haven't bought a huge thing of water yet, but there is a market right next door I will go to for that. It would have been to hard to carry too much with me up the street to my apartment. As it was, I ended up taking a taxi 3 blocks to my home. This was good, because as I got out of the cab, my bag broke. That would have been so much worse if I would have had to walk a long distance with a broken bag. From where he dropped me off, I just had to walk up the steps to my building with a broken bag, that could have been much worse.

For those of you coming to Kiev, here is a helpful bit of info. They charge for bags here. It's not much, but it is an extra cost. So, you have to know how many bags you will need (and you will bag your groceries yourself) before the transaction is complete. You can bring your own bags most places...ladies just keep them in your purse until check out time.

I think that's all I have for now. I am going to take a nap for now, it is over 95 degrees here, so I am not going anywhere for a while. Watch for some happy pictures later!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the video and update! Rest up. Monday is going to be a big day.
    Take care!