Friday, July 10, 2009

No news is, well, nothing!

I haven't posted in several days. Sorry about that. The truth is, there is just nothing to post about right now. I visited Patrick on Tues. and he has the chicken pox. I couldn't go Wed or Thurs because my driver had to put his car in the shop. I went today, and he has more chicken pox than before, but the ones that were there have already started to blister and crust. This is good. I think I start the post-adoption paperwork on Monday. Other than that, there is nothing to tell you. Sorry for the lack of excitement. But, now ya know!


  1. I'm amazed at how often kids get chicken pox when their families are there for them! Praying he feels better soon and that ya'll get out of there quickly! Texas sized hugs and prayers from us!

  2. Hey stranger! Sorry I haven't been online to talk much recently! You'll understand when you get home. ;)

    Thinking about you guys a ton and praying for ya. Sorry to hear about the chicken pox and all the waiting...

    Blessings, friend. Love ya!!!