Saturday, July 4, 2009

Guy on the street

Earlier, I was helping another RR family find some souvenir shops to buy things for there kids back home (this particular family is/ was only in Kiev for a few days before going on to another region, so they didn't have much time for exploring!), we had originally planned on doing some siteseeing with another RR family, but decided to stay a bit closer to home. All 5 of us were standing, looking at a map, and this "kid" walks up to us and asks if he can help us find where we are going. We were trying to figure out where this one museum was so that the one family could go there and I could go shopping with the other family. However, the map didn't show this one museum. The kid had never heard of it, and went off to find someone who knew where it was. He spoke near perfect English and was so excited to be able to help, it was kinda cute. Well, the 2 groups went our seperate ways, but then we bumped into this kid again and he started talking about European football (soccer), hockey and some other sports stuff. He talked forEVER, he was so proud that we understood him. Come to find out he had taught himself english, he had never been to an "english class" or even university. He was completely self taught. I think he was watching American ESPN and picked it up, because he was really only comfortable talking sports, lol. It was just too cute not to share. I hope this kid gets a job where he will be able to grow his english skills and have a good life, he had a good heart!

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