Friday, July 24, 2009

My apartment smells like s#%^

Why? Because Patrick has picked up a lovely new habit. He strips all his clothes off, refuses to sit on the potty (I think he may be used to a smaller kid sized potty chair)and proceeds to pee and poop on the floor. Well, not always on the floor. At one point today, while I was on skype trying to help another family, he climbed into his stroller and used it as his restroom. I got him all cleaned up, cleaned the stroller..all is good. We went out for dinner, came home, gave him a bath. While I left him standing with his towel, I went to get his pajamas, and he peed and pooped in MY SHOE! I'm starting to hate (strong word, I know) the orphange people for allowing these children to run around naked and pee and poop in the yard whenever they had the need instead of taking them in to use the toilet. I have to untrain him and then retrain him. It honestly would have been easier for him to not be trained at all. It's hard to unteach something. We'll get it done though, and in the mean time, I get new shoes tomorrow!!!

And, by the way, even with all the pee and poop everywhere, I LOVE THIS KID!!!!!!!


  1. Oh My goddness! they actually have the kids go potty like dogs in the yard? Oh my. poor Patrick to have to go through this and not understand. I was going to ask you if he was potty trained. I will pray for you that he will learn quickly!

  2. OMG... I can't not even imagine! Hopefully I won't have to experience and prayers that your experience is shortlived!

  3. Oh Lyndi, You are an amazing woman! Hang in there!