Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zoo day

We did make it to the drive-in Tues night. The kids thought it was great...and I actually enjoyed the movies. Yes, movies , it was a double feature. You really can't beat that. We paid $18 ($5 of which we paid to bring in a cooler of our own food!) and got to see 2 movies, 5 people! Yesterday, we went to the zoo (we are members and we pack our lunch, so this is a free day!)with my SIL and nephew. It was a fun day! Today we are staying home and I am packing. Tomorrow we are going to Dave and Busters so we can have some fun with the older kids. Friday is another day of packing and cleaning. Saturday we will spend time together in the morning and then we will drop all the kids off with the people that will be keeping them. It will be very busy the next few days. We are trying to spend as much fun and quality time with all the kids as we can before we leave. Here are some pics of our day at the zoo yesterday!

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