Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family Time

I have a very close family. We talk daily on the phone and see each other several times a month (they all live a little over an hour away!). So, since I am leaving for an extended period, today we are having a get together. We are all headed over to to my mom's house for games, food, and time together. It will be a great afternoon/ evening.

Tonight, Bill and I are taking the kids to a drive-in movie. They are showing "Up". it's a great deal and the only way to see a movie with a budget and a large family. Our drive-in only charges $12 a car. That breaks down to less than $2 a piece!! Not only that, but if everyone wants to, it's a double feature! The second movie is "Earth". It's very tempting to stay out really late tonight to catch both of those, but we'll see. We will be packing a cooler and taking that with us to avoid going to the concession stand.

OK, well, I'm off to get ready, it's gonna be a looooong day!

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  1. Cool... the drive-in sounds fun! I wish we had that option here!