Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today and Yesterday (Wed and Thurs)

This is the hand-kissing game that we play...

Yesterday we were not allowed to go to the orphanage for the first time. The city doctors were there doing checkups of some sort, so no visitors. So, we decided to go site seeing. The weather had other plans. It poured rain in the morning, leaving it hot and muggy the rest of the day. After the rain stopped, we headed out to see the botanical gardens. I'm thinking they may be more botanical in the spring or fall, not so much in the summer, lol. It was relaxing though and Bill and I were able to spend a quiet day together, so that was nice! We met up with several RR families for dinner at a mexican restraunt in town. It was super yummy! We actually took a taxi there and the metro back, so those were 2 new experiences. The guy that drives us to the orphanage is actually a very good driver, the rest of the city drives crazy and the taxi's are INSANE!!!! (mom, you would have a heart attack here with the driving...patti, your muscles would be tight and sore, you would be so tense from the ride!) Anyway, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and were able to meet up with the new RR family in the area. It was tons of fun.

And this is his sweet sweet smile....

Today, we were able to go back and see Patrick. I think the quarantine must be over, cause we were allowed on the playgound today! We were able to stay out for the whole visit even when the other group came out. Patrick was very good today and made his first phone call to his Babushka (grandma), which we spent a fortune on, but he seems to like my cell phone, so we allowed one 3am phone call to the states (sorry mom, but I'm sure it was worth hearing his "HALLO" to wake up at such an hour!) We ate lunch with Gillian and her daughter. We really enjoy them, they are very down to earth, fun people. We met up with other families from RR for dinner, which was again a lot of fun. We didn't eat dinner, just appetizers, cause we were still full from lunch, but it's always nice to be with other couples, and everyone here is so nice and fun to be around. We feel very blessed to be able to share this experince with so many others.


Paula and Joy...

Paula, Kevin and Natasha (there translator aka Ukrainian speed walker!!)

Teresa, Joy, Gillian, Alaina, Bill and me

Amy, Adam, Reuben and JoAnn

Bill, me, Joy, Amy, Adam, JoAnn, Reuben

Natasha, Paula, Kevin, Bill, me, Amy, Adam, Teresa, Joy

Kevin and Bill


  1. oh it must be a blessing being all together in the same spirit and in the same adventure.
    and looks like you are having lots of fun!

    Patrick is so cuuutee!!! he has a great smile

  2. Lyndi-
    I am so happy that you are having a good time. Isn't he a doll??? I told you he was a HUNK! Love all of the pictures...keep them coming!

    Alison (Tate's mommy)

  3. How fun!!! I'm so glad you're having such a good time and making good friends while you're there! And YAY no more quarantine!!!! :) When is court?! Soon???

  4. He's so adorable, Lyndie! OMG--I just want to squeeze him and never let him go! Congrats! Prayers for safe travels!