Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SDA Part 1

This morning we went to the SDA for our appointment. I think it went well. We go back this afternoon at 4:30 to get the offical referral in writing (at least that's my understanding). . We got to see a precious picture of Patrick, he was a newborn in the picture and had the fattest cheeks I have ever seen! I do believe he has always been a bit of a chunker, lol! We asked if we could take a picture of the photo and were told that if we bring a new picture, we can have the old picture. I want that baby picture, so I will be taking a newer one to trade. We learned that he was left in the maternity house and his parents left no contact information, so they consider him to have no known parents. They don't even think the names that were left on the birth certificate were real. To there knowlwedge he has no brothers or sisters. We were told his birthdate (which we already knew) and also that he has Down Syndrome (which we already knew!). What we didn't know and still are not clear on is that he has a deformed foot or leg. Nadia was unsure about how to translatevwhat it is, but it isn't club foot. They know he is able to walk on it as we have seen in pictures, so this is not something I am worried about, but will have the doctor look at it just the same!

We went to a restraunt after our appointment. We thought we were stopping in for coffee, but it ended up being a full service restraunt with an english menu! I had a chef salad. It was good, but not a dressing I would choose again. It also had sprigs of fresh dill on it, I could have done without that, but I ate it and am very full now. Bill had cheese crepes and was very happy with his selection. One of the servers spoke english, but not ours. We did well enough and I am very proud that we got the food we ordered and needed no assistance! Unfortunately, it was a bit pricey, so I doubt we will return very often. That one meal was our food budget for the day, but we have breakfast and dinner already here at the apartment from what we got at the grocery last night.

We are looking forward to going back for more pizza, a whole pizza for under $3 is much more affordable then todays'a meal! Again, we are learning as we go, and I am very proud at what we have learned already. In fact, today Bill was very impressed with my sense of direction. He is still a bit lost, I am normally the lost one. I still get lost at home, but for some reason (survival mode perhaps?) I am finding it very easy to get around Kiev. Perhaps because he tends to rely on signs at home and I follow landmarks. Here I am 100% looking at landmarks at all times to learn where to go and he cannot read the signs. It's good though, I am glad we are able to get around where we need to.

I will update again later once we go back for our referral paper, and hopefully I remember to get the traditional SDA sign picture while we are there this time.


  1. I can't wait to see photos of you with Patrick!!! I am so glad you are able to find your way around. I tend to get lost in the back garden so I'd probably be lost anywhere else lol!

    When do you get to go see him? Hey, when you are home I'm going to interview you again! (lol well only if you let me). I'm starting interviews AFTER the homecoming... Enquiring minds need to know!

    So excited you are nearly there!!!

  2. 1- Glad the SDA went good! They told us the same thing about the baby pic, but we didn't have a recent pic with us (I didn't think to take any because we were GOING to see HIM!) but they ended up giving it to us later anyway.

    2- Definitely interested to hear more about his foot... thats weird this is the first you're hearing about it.

    3- I'm laughing about the dill- seems quite a few foods in Ukraine have dill- they REALLY like it!

    4- I love me some $3 Ukrainian pizza!!!

  3. Everything sounds like it is going well for you:)
    How nice that you could meet up with other RR families. Can't wait to see Patrick in your arms for the first time!

  4. Sounds like things are moving along...thanks for keeping us updated :)