Friday, June 5, 2009

More shopping...

Yesterday we finally bought Patrick's mattress. I don't know why we waited so long to do this, but we did. That was such a big stress point to me, that we didn't have it yet, so I'm glad that is now checked off the list.

I also did some clothing shopping for myself. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl usually, and since I stay home, I don't keep a "large" wardrobe. We went bargain shopping, I bought 4 pairs of casual/ dress pants, 9 shirts and a sundress, all for under $150. All of my clothes will travel well and are easy to pack lightly with.

We haven't really bought anything for Patrick, we are planning on buying him clothes once we know his size and toys once we know what he likes and where he is developmentally.



  1. I am so excited to see you and your little boy together! Thanks for letting me follow along....Paula

  2. I went shopping last week too, even though we are not anywhere near traveling:) I have several long crinkly peasant skirts, so I bought some tank tops to go with them since it will be hot when we travel (hopefully this summer). They should pack up small. I also bought a pretty wrinkle-free dress for court. What types of "luggage" are you taking? I was told to have my purse, a backpack, and for Rich to have a backpack and one SMALL checked bag that he can carry.

  3. We haven't fully decided on what pieces of luggage we are packing in; the airline allows one carry-on and one piece of persomal luggage (laptop or purse). We both have a laptop to carry on, so that is our personal luggage. We will either both also carry a backpack or one of us will use a carry-on sized suitcase and the other will use a backpack. My purse will be packed and all my purse "stuff" will be in my laptop bag. We will have one checked bag that my husband can carry and most of that stuff will not return home with us, but will be replaced with things for Patrick. The checked bag will have some food for us and orphanage gifts in it. All of our clothes will fit in our carry-ons. I hope this helps. Ask again when I get there or return home and I will let you know if we still over-packed!.