Thursday, May 14, 2009


With a submission date, I felt the need to get some things bought for Patrick. With all the generous donations I have received, this is possible! Today, I ordered his carrier that I posted about previously. Someone who saw the post, sent money specifically for that (thank you!). I also went ahead and ordered his car seat. This is something we have been looking for and not having luck finding. I wanted to put him in a 5-point harness style seat, but not knowing how big he is or how much he weighs, I was a little afraid of buying one and it not being big enough for long enough. Today, I found one that has an "extended" harness for children up to 65 pounds and then will be a booster up to 100 pounds. Perfect! Now, we need to go mattress shopping. We still need to pick up some clothes, but I think we will wait until we see him and get some in Europe. Once we return home, we will get a full wardrobe. As far as toys go, I haven't decided if I should buy them now or wait until I see what level he is at to know what to buy....leaning towards waiting. I can always send Bill shopping when he gets home, before I get home. Yeah, I think that's what I will do!


  1. I am so hoping that we can meet in Ukraine. I am so excited that you are so close!
    Joy, adopting Steven

  2. Joy, that would be wonderful. You have waited way too long to get back over there. It would be great to be there together, I would love to meet your Steven too!!