Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This week has brought the Fed Ex man and UPS man to my house, although, they were both women, lol! So, the first delivery was the carrier, and I love it! I tried it on with Kami (I've been told Patrick wears about a size 4, and Kami wears a 5, so I'm thinking weight wise, maybe similar), she loved it. In fact, she got mad when I took her out of it. I think it will be nice to carry him and have face time with him, although, I can't guarantee my back won't hurt, but at least my arms will be free and he will be safe and secure with his momma!

The second delivery was the car seat , I am so excited to have the extended harness for him. That way, he can learn to ride in a car safely before we put him into a booster seat. Since he's never ridden in a car, this will be a learning experience all it's own!

Today I finally started painting his room. He will be sharing with Steven. That room used to be the girls' room, and it was pink and purple. Right now it is grey (we got tinted primer), but by tomorrow will be blue. I think we are going with a space theme. Steven wants to get planets and stars in there, he already has a moon night light that shows all the phases of the lunar cycle.

I will post pictures of everything very soon, but until I get that done please pray for our submission on this coming Monday, and also pray that we find a twin mattress that is inexpensive but not cheaply made for Patrick's bed!

That's it for now, and I promise, pictures soon!!


  1. Sounds like you are almost ready for Patrick! a space will be quit a new adventure for Patrick, Im sure he will have fun watching stars. a new thing for him, for sure.

    hope you can find the mattress you want and that you get submited next monday! woho

  2. Check Craigslist for mattresses. That's where we got the girls' mattresses (from a pastor and his family who had only had them in their guest bedroom). Of course, you want to see them before you buy them!! LOL

  3. This is so fun!
    Yes, I do hope you get submitted on Monday.

  4. Oh how exciting! I'm praying for that submission. I just can't wait for him to be safe in your arms.
    In Him,

  5. You are truly AMAZING!!! Praying for your boy to come home quickly!!