Wednesday, May 27, 2009

List 1

Last night during my adoption group "chat", the concept of lists was brought up. Now, if you ask anyone who really knows me, you will know I am NOT a list maker by nature. However, the adoption process can change anyone. I now have so many lists, that I have a list to keep up with my list, and no, I am NOT kidding! So, since some of my adoption group friends were having trouble getting there lists started, I volunteered to "blog" my lists. I will post them until I am through them all; just keep in mind, everyone will have different things they feel they need to accomplish, but at least this will give you a place to start.

This first list is important for EVERYONE traveling without children, EVERYONE!!!!
1. Notarized POA to all caregivers of your children to access medical care in your absence.
2. Copy of insurance cards attached to before mentioned POA
3. Allergy and medical information for each child, also attached to the POA
4. Primary care physician phone number and address,also attached to POA
5. Mom, dad and all children's full name, social security number and DOB (for medical insurance purposes), also attached to POA
6. Write out and get notarized (if you don't have a will in place) who will be in charge of raising your children should something happen to you. It should be worded to cover an unforeseen length of stay of sudden loss of life of both parents. (I know these are things we don't want to think about, but you don't want your kids in the foster care system because of poor planning either!)This paper should be kept in a safe deposit box, a file in your home and a copy given to the person who would gain custody. No one else needs to see it or even know it is written, no need to hurt feelings!

OK, that covers list 1, this is the "BIG" list to me, because it is the only one that really matters. The others I will post, but this is the one I wanted people to see!


  1. Can you add one more thing to your list? Remind Renee about chat night! LOL