Thursday, May 28, 2009

List 2

Ok, so on to the next list. Here is a list that is a little more specific to us, but here it is!

1. Make a letter discribing your children's basic routines you wish to be followed.
2. Include in that list any quirks or personality traits that the people watchng your kids may not be aware of (for example, my 3 year old will not use a toilet with an automatic flusher on it, it scares her horribly, I must cover the sensor for her to use it....most people don't know that about her!)
3. Make sure your doctor is aware that your children may be brought in by someone else, make sure they know you are out of country.
4. Make sure your bank knows you are out of country, this will help them from locking your account thinking it is fraudulant (same for credit cards).
5. Put your mail on hold, so it is not stacking up in the mailbox (newspapers too).
6. Pay ahead on your bills.
7. Have your neighbor or someone you trust come to your house and switch which lights are on to give the appearance of someone being home.
8. Have someone move the cars every now and then

Ok, that's it for the second list. I will post another tomorrow. You will start seeing there is no rhyme or reason to why things are listed together. They are just listed by what I thought of that day, lol. So, hang with me :)

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