Friday, May 29, 2009

List 3

Are you tired of my lists yet? I am!! Here is list 3...

1) make a list of everyone medications. Who takes what, how often, and how much. Make sure you and your children have enough medicines for the length of time you will be away (if insurance is a problem, call them and explain about the travel, and they SHOULD work with you and cover the extra meds up front, if not, see if your pharmacy will work with you).
2) Ask your doctor for antibiotics for you and your husband, you never know what you may get when you travel
3) update your tetanus shot!
4) if you are a female that reacts in an uncomfortable way to antibiotics, make sure you have meds for that too!
5) check with your facilitator about how to bring your money, mine said American dollars was best, but other regions may say otherwise, so check first. No matter what kind of money you bring, make sure it is "new" money that is not wrinkled and torn. They seem to frown on this! So, let you bank know a couple weeks in advance how much money you will be needing, smaller banks may take some time to get this to you!
6) make sure you turn off your water supply before you leave the house, unless someone is staying at your house of course, LOL. You don't want to come home to a flood!
7)get travel adapters for the plugs, our stuff won't fir over there (Target has these in the luggage isle along with other travel necessities, i.e. money belt, travel sized shampoos, etc.)

OK, so that list is a bit random, but like I said, I am not normally a "list person", so I'm not good at it. I'm sure some lists even repeat themselves. Stay tuned for more....

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