Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We got the stack of paperwork to fill out for our home study. I have filled everything out that I can. I had already ordered copies of Bill's and mine birth certificates. They haven't gotten here yet. After getting the packet of papers, I learned I needed certified copies for all the kids too, as well as cert. marriage cert and my divorce decree. I didn't have any of this stuff, so I had to order all of it, and they are really slow to process these. I am also waiting on referral letters for Bill and I. We needed 3 non-family, and one family. I am still thinking on who to ask for my third non-family person that knows both of us equally well. I'm sure I will think of someone soon! I'm also waiting on our med appts., so we can get those filled out and signed. So, we are waiting on everyone else. We have no control right now, and that is so frustrating, cause I really want to get things moving. I wish there was something else I could do in the mean time, but without everything I am waiting on, there's not.


  1. Praying all the papers start rolling in FAST!

    Your in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Hey Lyndi!

    It was so fun to "meet" you on yuku the other night! I can't believe how close we are, we should definitely get together sometime. Especially once our boys are home, that would be so fun!

    An FYI on the medicals... our doctors office had to redo our papers 3 different times... so I finally asked if I could come back there and do it WITH them. They were actually reluctant because they wanted to help, but just couldn't get it right. :) The office letter head, the right terminology and notary that matches the date it's signed... is that so much to ask? :)

    Look forward to following your journey!
    God bless!