Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First set of papers are off!

Wow! Seems like we haven't stopped getting things together. There is a lot to do before we are even "approved" to bring Patrick home. Today we sent out our first pack of papers. Our home-study application. Ours is costing $1500. The agency we are using is able to take payments, starting at the completion of the study. So, we will make 3 payments of $500 starting in just a couple of weeks. She will do one meeting with us in office, and one visit to the house. We've started filling out our federal forms, which cost $830 to file. I have my doctor's appointment to get part 1 of 2 physicals tomorrow, and while I am there, I will make an appointment for my second one and the only one Bill will need. Today I have to order copies of birth certificates and marriage certificates (I was waiting to hear back from parents, to see if any of them had some we didn't know about....luckily mine did!!, and that saved us $80!!). The paper work hasn't even officially begun, and I already am starting to see why this can get stressful. I am constantly double checking my list, thinking I am forgetting something. I don't want o overlook anything, that would mess everything up, so I am being very careful to make LOTS of notes. I'll update as more happens! Keep praying that God keeps Patrick safe until we get there, that God provides us with all the resources we need to get him home, and that this process goes as smoothly as possible.

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  1. WOW!!! This is awesome....I love him already too!

    I pray all goes well!!!