Thursday, January 8, 2009

Next step...Check!

Thank goodness for Renee! She is at about the same stage of the adoption process as I am, so reading her blog this morning about having her physicals set up, reminded me that I didn't do that while I was at the doctor yesterday. So, I now have mine and Bill's set up. Mine will be Feb. 9th and Bill's is Feb. 12th. I don't think our social worker is reacquiring the children to have one, but if so, they have all had them recently, so that should be easy enough. I did remember to talk to my doctor yesterday about the special forms he will have to fill out, and thankfully he is familiar with those, so hopefully there will be no problem with that. I've heard horror stories already about forms being signed wrong and having to be sent back and redone. I really want to avoid that. If we can do it right the first time, we can get Patrick home faster!!

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