Friday, March 6, 2009

Where we are at.

OK, I am probably repeating myself in my posting, but I am trying to keep everything straight. So, as of right now....our Home Study is complete, we will have the write up some time next week. Once I get the write up, I will fax that to my state side rep to make sure everything I need is in it, and then I will let my social worker know if anything needs changed. If everything is okay, as I'm sure it will be, my social worker will then get it certified and give me an official copy and send a copy to the USCIS office. The USCIS office is where I have already sent an application in and I am awaiting a fingerprint appointment. Once I have that, we will simply wait for a form called the I 171 H. Once that is received, we can submit the next stack of papers to Patrick's country. This stack of papers is called the dossier. I am finished with this stack of papers. I am waiting for our passports to come in (should be this next week), so I can add some info to the pages of my dossier. Once that is done, I will get everything notarized and once again send it to my state side rep to make sure all is done correctly. So, once I receive the I 171 H and my dossier is complete, we send it all to his country and wait for our travel date. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? It's not that it "hard", it's just a lot to keep up with and a lot of stress always thinking you are missing something or doing it wrong. I am constantly double checking myself, because I know if I mess up than that makes it take that much longer for us to get Patrick home, and the longer he has to stay at the orphanage without a family, but we are almost done. We are almost to the point where all we can do is wait. Then, we will be on our way to bring our son home! I pray time goes by quickly so I can get him super fast!!!

Afterall, how could I not want to bring this face home?!?!?!

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