Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh well

Today, overall, went great! Our fingerprint appointment was scheduled for 11am. We got there at 9:30...we were so scared of being late, lol. They went ahead and took us early and were absolutely great, we were done in like 20 minutes! We had to fill out a form when we got there, and they actually had to call in there supervisor to make sure mine was acceptable. Now this is probably the simplest form I've filled out in this entire process, but yes, I messed up. You see, legally, I have a hyphenated last name. It is hyphenated on my ss card, drivers license, etc. Somehow, on my appointment letter, they only used my second last name and dropped the first. Well, when I filled out the form, I put my full name. OOPS! It was cleared and they accepted it as is, but it was kinda funny thinking I would have to redo a from because I messed up my name, lol.

The oh well part comes in here...we didn't get to the notary's office today. We should have as early as we got to the appt., but Bill really needed to get to work, so we will go next time he is off, which I think is Monday.

Tuesday, Bill is off again, and we have a fun day planned. We are going to meet up with 2 other families. One is a fellow RR family, and the other is a bloggy buddy. Both of these families have Ds children. I am very excited for Bill to be around these families and experience the greatness of all of there kids. I am also looking forward to spending time with these families, and I know my girls will be thoroughly entertained by all the kids they will be around.

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  1. Of all things to mess up on! LOL! That's funny! I'm glad that they approved of it. :)

    That fun day of yours sounds wonderful! I hope y'all have a great time!

    Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila