Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's on the list for this week?

Not much to be honest, but the few things we are doing are very big and important steps. Tomorrow, we start our day at the bank getting a bazillion forms notarized (this is more work for the notary than for myself, but he better do it right!!!!!LOL). After that, we head to Nashville for our federal fingerprints. This is another HUGE step. You see, after our fingerprints are done, we start the official wait. Wait for what? For INS approval! Once we have that, we can submit to Patrick's country! The last person to submit to TN INS got news of approval in about 3 weeks. If this holds true for us, we will be sending our dossier to Eastern Europe in about 4 weeks from now. OK, so after our fingerprint appointment, I will fax all of our documents to our state side person to make sure the notaries are correct.

While in town, I also plan on picking up some additional garage sale items people are donating. The official date of the sale is the 4th of April. We were going to have it at the church, but plans have changed...again. The church couldn't have it until May, and that puts timing really tight for us, so we are going ahead with our original plans of having it here. Whatever doesn't sell here will then be put in the church sale in May, but this will give me a better idea of where we stand with our finances. We are still a bit off from all the funding we need to complete the adoption, so if you all will pray with me that all the money comes through in time. We are really needing some more donations at this time, as we are probably about 6 weeks away from travel.

Thank you everyone, again, for all your support you have given to us through the entire process, we are getting so close to the end....I can't wait!!!

PS Laura, can I come down there Monday or Tuesday to pick up the stuff for the garage sale? Leave me a comment with you e-mail and I will NOT publish it, so we can hook up! Thank you!!

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