Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots of news!

First off, we got our fingerprint appointment in the mail today! Why is this such a big deal? Because now that my home study is complete, once we get our fingerprints done, USCIS can get approval done!

I also made a trip to Kinko's today. They now know me up there, which isn't a good thing. They know me as the girl who can't use any of the machines without breaking them....OOPS! Over the past few weeks, I have jammed up 2 of there copiers and worn out the FedEx man. Today, I tried to break the fax. How bad is it you ask? The man at the counter requested that from now on I come straight to them and let them do all my stuff for me and not use the machines anymore. Oh well, I got my dossier stuff faxed to my state side rep today and she had a chance to look it over and told me what changes to make. Thankfully there wasn't much that needed changing, so I fixed everything and now we just need to get it all notarized and re-send it to have it approved for the big send off!!

The other bit of church has agreed to let me have my big yard sale in the parking lot (thanks to a member of my class making the request and following it through the approval process). They are opening up the yard sale for the entire church to participate, no longer just my Sunday school class. This will now include a yard sale, bake sale, car wash and selling of whatever they cook on the grills. I will post the date and directions as soon as they let me know when they are going to have it....I should know this next week!

The donations for the sale have been rolling in. My garage is almost completely full, but we will make room for more stuff if we need to, and we are hoping to need to! Sunday, a family from my SS class donated several large items, including a working washer and dryer! How cool is that?! Thank you guys!!

I am discovering just how blessed I am to be a member of this church. I am still "the new girl", and yet they have gone above and beyond to help me through the adoption process. Thank you Fellowship family!!


  1. So cool Gods family working together!!!

  2. This is all so great! Make sure to post the date for the yard sale. Hope it will work out in our schedules to attend.