Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Waiting Game

I haven't updated about the adoption in a while. That's because there is nothing to update, my dossier is complete, and I am still waiting on USCIS approval. There's really nothing else to say or do, just wait.

As soon as we receive approval from USCIS, we can mail our dossier packet to Eastern Europe. I just need that one piece of paper from Memphis. Please pray that it comes quickly!!!

We are needing less than $5,000 at this point. To be exact, we need about $4,500...so if you have any fundraising ideas, please share...or, if you just want to donate, you can share that way as well :)

We are hopefully just weeks away from travel, we are all so excited and anxious to meet Patrick and bring him home. Our family needs prayers more now than ever, as we prepare to leave our kids at home for several weeks and travel to the other side of the world to meet the son we love but have never met.

There are still things that need done around here to prepare for his arrival. 1) We need to paint his room, it is still pink and purple from when it was the girls' room 2) we need to get him a twin sized mattress, sheets, pillow, blanket and a bed rail 3) get some age appropriate toys for him 4) spend extra good quality time with other 5 to prepare for our departure!!

Oh yeah, and we need to start getting our packing list together....that one scares me!!!


  1. Hey Lyndi!

    Just wanted to say that we are playing the same game right now. Wouldn't it be neat if we would be going over about the same time? I'll be following you and let you know when we get our approval. Paula hoping to adopt Bella

  2. I think waiting stinks! :) :) :) I am so happy for you and your son.