Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Next Tuesday

Anyone up for a road trip?? I am getting up at the crack of dawn, or earlier, and driving up to the northern border of KY to get one, yes one piece of paper Apostilled. I then plan on coming back into town and going county hopping to get all my TN documents county certified, I have 3 counties to visit. I might go ahead and get all my TN stuff Apostilled as well, we'll see. I'm still just waiting on one piece of paper, but I have let go of that, and hopefully the congressman's aide that I spoke with yesterday can get the ball rolling for me. So, I will be out of pocket next Tuesday, maybe I can get hold of a GPS for that day?

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  1. I've traveled that road! I had to take a day off work to travel to Nashville from Memphis where I lived to get ONE document apostilled. Turned out I didn't even need that document!!! (This was back in 1996 during my first adoption, though.) But if I HADN'T'VE done it, I would have needed it!! lol